Customer Data Report

    Discussing TeamQuest's New AutoPredict Software in Greater Detail

    September 11, 2015

    By John Miecielica

    TeamQuest’s ITSO solutions optimize complex, multi-tiered IT landscapes, pinpointing performance and capacity problems quickly. These solutions are about to get even more effective with the release of our new AutoPredict software.

    As summer comes to a close, football fanatics will soon start celebrating the beginning of a new season by holding their annual fantasy drafts. For the less-than-diehards out there, fantasy football draws millions of fans online to check stats, choose lineups, and trade players each year.

    But while the activity is often a fun pastime, some will remember the disaster that was the 2012 crash of the servers hosting Yahoo Fantasy Football.

    People from all over the country tried to login to check their rosters, but to no avail. The servers had crashed, and fantasy leagues were unable to operate throughout Sunday Night Football. Fans were furious, and many came to believe that the debacle actually ruined the entire season.

    Yahoo should have known that demand during game time would put stress on their servers. But as the world of IT changes and cloud computing complicates how our data is processed, disasters like these get harder to predict.

    That’s where TeamQuest’s new AutoPredict software comes in. Our service will sharpen the tools businesses have to prevent IT disasters, helping them recognize weak spots sooner and fix them more quickly.

    What Will AutoPredict Do for You?

    Starting September 9, TeamQuest’s AutoPredict software will be optimized for work with Amazon cloud services to collect, manage, and analyze data. The new technology will operate perfectly with the Amazon EC2 web service interface, giving you total control over your computing resources.

    In short, AutoPredict software will allow TeamQuest users to take full advantage of Amazon EC2’s capabilities. Clients can also expect to reduce the time required to obtain and boot new servers, quickly scale capacity as computing requirements change, build failure-resilient applications, and isolate common failure scenarios.

    For large enterprises, this could be a game changer. The improved AutoPredict software will likely save hundreds of thousands of dollars that would be incurred from downtime and a host of other performance-related issues.

    More Compatible Data, Better Reporting

    TeamQuest’s developing support for cloud environments is an important advancement for companies that outsource their data storage to Amazon Web Services.

    In the past, those companies faced serious difficulties comparing and compiling their own data with the information that was hosted on their cloud provider. Blending both the in-house and cloud-based environments gives businesses the best of both worlds.

    TeamQuest’s data collection services that are enhanced by the Amazon cloud will also offer users the ability to drill down into process levels to get a better sense of opportunities for greater effectiveness and efficiency.

    Clients can then compare data metrics from both the Amazon cloud and whatever in-house services they’re using in reports. Those resulting reports will improve capacity to compete on server performance.

    TeamQuest Predictor already provides predictive analytics, putting the speed and accuracy of a powerful analytic queuing network solver into the hands of everyday systems administrators. In sum, this hybrid model will take our services to the next level.

    The Bottom Line

    Hybrid cloud processing presents an exciting new direction for TeamQuest. The hybrid model frees businesses to streamline the way they evaluate their IT infrastructure by providing ease of connection, strong data security, and increased access. By making it easier for businesses to work within the cloud, TeamQuest is making one more addition to its top-of-the-line ITSO solutions.

    (Main image credit: NEC Corporation of America/flickr)