It's Time for Your Company to Eliminate the Chaos and Level Up!

    August 10, 2015

    By Per Bauer


    If the business has grown, but your IT infrastructure hasn’t grown with it, it’s only natural for your website to start experiencing problems. But that means it’s time to turn the focus on improving your IT services to provide real business value.

    Quality customer service has always relied on effective technology. But maybe you’ve recently found yourself facing a sudden increase in customer complaints that sound a whole lot like this:

    “Why is your company’s website so slow? It’s taking forever to load!”

    “I can’t access anything. All the pages display errors!”

    “Why can’t I find a simple answer to my simple question?”

    If that’s the case, you might not be handling your capacity planning effectively, failing to anticipate increased demand for your online services. Is your IT plan already up-to-date, or is it in desperate need of an update?

    TeamQuest’s IT Service Optimization Maturity Levels

    TeamQuest’s Guide to IT Service Optimization Maturity provides a step-by-step roadmap showing your company the way towards levelling up. It explains in detail the five levels of maturity:


    • Level 1: Chaotic
    • Level 2: Reactive
    • Level 3: Proactive
    • Level 4: Service
    • Level 5: Value


    We believe in combining data analytics with gradually improved processes in order to optimize your services. We base our concept of IT Service Optimization (ITSO) on two factors: increased efficiency and reduced risk.

    TeamQuest’s 2014 Global Survey of more than 300 IT executives, directors, and managers revealed that 53% of organizations have IT systems that put them in the first level of maturity.

    So we know that’s generally not good news. But what exactly happens if you’re classified as “Chaotic?”

    Stuck at Level OnE

    You wouldn’t ever want to put your company’s success in the hands of luck, but oftentimes, that is precisely what “Chaotic” companies do.

    Companies in the “Chaotic” level lack both a purpose and a consistent strategy for improving the quality of their services. As you deal with customer complaints on an individual level, you remain a victim of “unknown” circumstances and unexpected events.

    We call this “firefighting”: dealing with performance and capacity issues as they arise, never knowing when something will burst into flames. Now imagine if you could actually predict when and where the fires were going to break out before they even happen.

    That’s precisely the kind of capability that the help of TeamQuest’s IT experts can bring you. And when you consider the alternative, it should be obvious that it’s time to level up.

    Let TeamQuest’s IT Experts Help Your Company Get There

    According the global survey, IT managers report they have to deal with a weekly average of eight unexpected IT issues and typically assign at least seven staff members to handle each incident. And the average team member needed three hours and 30 minutes to resolve these issues.

    None of that sounds too great, right? Well, now consider that a company ranked in the “Chaotic” level experiences one more issue a week and requires one more person and additional 30 minutes to solve it than the average.

    To eliminate this chaos, you need access to empirical data that allows you to fully understand trends (such as demand growth over time versus spikes from promotions). Until you implement a system that has real analysis capabilities in place, you’ll only be hearing about issues after it’s already too late -- when your customers are complaining.

    By first transforming your company from a “Chaotic” to a “Reactive” force (Level 2), you can begin developing your ability to respond to changing business demands in this unpredictable, ever-changing IT world. Each level brings you closer to accurately predicting how well your systems and services will perform before demand really kicks up, eventually reaching Level 5, at which point your IT services start providing serious business value and competitive advantages.

    TeamQuest’s ITSO solutions can help you make the right decisions at the right time. Our maturity model ensures a balanced approach to your IT evolution, in which each step forward establishes the capabilities you need to take the next one. That way, you won’t invest in tools or capabilities that you’re not yet able to make adequate use of.

    Begin improving your IT services today through TeamQuest’s quick online Maturity Assessment, or with our in-depth Maturity Assessment Workshop, which determines your current maturity level and suggests actions you can take to improve. It won’t be long before the customer complaints start fading away entirely.

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