An IT Maturity Model to Guide Your Optimization Efforts

    July 10, 2015

    By Vernon Johnson

    It’s superhero time! Demands for more services are at an all-time high, Gartner is telling you Bi-Modal IT is knocking on your door, and every business manager is all about digital. Oh wait, someone forgot their password and the cloud services purchased by marketing went down. Help!!!

    That’s a lot for any superhero to handle. The need for you to be efficient and manage reliable systems really points to capacity management. Controlling applications, managing workloads, and fixing someone else’s IT problems are today’s expectations.

    What processes are you using to ensure you consistently observe, resolve, predict and guide the IT infrastructure and the people who use it?

    TeamQuest is offering a guide that can help. It’s called "A Guide to IT Service Optimization Maturity."

    You’ll discover five different levels of maturity with a step-by-step roadmap to ensure a balanced approach where each maturity level feeds off the capabilities introduced from the levels below it.

    It’s a quick read and should give you a good understanding where your organization currently ranks. You’ll also see what it’s like to be at different levels and what you can do to achieve a higher level.

    This is the first of several posts we’ll share about this IT maturity model. Expect to see more detailed information on what you and your organization can do to move up the maturity model in the coming weeks.

    But first, read the guide. We’ll teach you how you can keep your superhero status without all the firefighting.


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