May 14, 2015

    By Wick Joe

    This year at IBM Edge, we heard a lot about turning data into insight and using predictive analytics to stay ahead of the curve. We wanted to take some time and tell you a bit about our specific IBM capabilities as well as highlight some common themes we heard at IBM Edge that we can help you with.

    For enterprises that suffer from poor service performance or waste time and money over-provisioning infrastructure, the TeamQuest IT Service Optimization Suite optimizes business performance, IT efficiency, and cost in concert with IBM Tivoli, Storage, AIX, and POWER systems. Unlike many resource utilization based approaches which can’t effectively bring together data from the digital, virtual and physical worlds, we continuously, automatically, and predictively connect technology and business data throughout your IT environment.

    Prevent. Resolve. Optimize.

    TeamQuest Performance Software allows you to analyze everything together. From storage to network all the way up the stack to applications, services, and the cloud. There is no need for new agents to get deployed - we can take data from your existing monitoring tools and deliver the analytics that you need.

    The goal is to understand the impact of change by automatically predicting when and where IT failures will occur, viewing apps, servers, and storage together while using powerful analytics to focus on what really matters.

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