February 16, 2015

    By Vernon Johnson

    Real-world, real-time business decisions are dependent on IT’s ability to accurately measure, predict and manage every click and download and every service and workload moving throughout your enterprise.

    When 400 IT managers were asked to rank their organization’s ability to do the above, perception and reality were a bit off.

    Most respondents believed they were a four out of five when in fact, after taking our IT maturity assessment, most (53%) were actually a one out of five.

    When you’re at a level one, any effort to improve service quality is usually triggered by incidents which are brought to your attention by users or customers complaining — blame storming  The fourth level is where you’re accurately predicting the outcome of scenarios that increase your organization’s efficiency and better manage the quality of your services. We call this IT Service Optimization. Some do it better than others.

    IT Service Optimization is about ensuring you’re in sync with your customer and business needs. Whether you need to process incoming data to drive actions and alerts or to propose optimal actions based on predictions, you need to understand where you are on the ITSO roadmap and take advantage of the changing paradigms associated with virtualization, dynamic computing and various forms of cloud computing.

    Not sure where your organization is at on the ITSO Maturity journey? Read through the ITSO Maturity Guide and predict your level before taking the test.

    Take the 20-question ITSO maturity assessment, find your level, and get tips to improve your current efforts.