Why Our Solutions Are Better

    Vendor Neutrality

    With no affiliation with any particular hardware or software vendor, we provide an independent view of the resources you need, allowing you to validate recommendations from those vendors, free from political and self-serving influences.

    Accurate, Automated Algorithms

    Sophisticated algorithms used to calculate IT health and risk have evolved over decades of experience and fine-tuning. They take non-linear behavior into account and yield a 95% accuracy rate.

    One-second Data Collection

    The most demanding IT environments require one-second data collection and access to process-level detail to ensure quality of service.

    Fast ROI

    Customers have saved millions of dollars during pilot projects alone. Where the initial software purchase may take a few months, additional licenses become a five-minute discussion.

    Top to Bottom Transparency

    Transcend IT and business boundaries with purpose-built views for different stakeholders - detailed, technical data for IT operations staff and capacity planners, dynamic views of service status for business managers, and alignment of IT investment with top-level business objectives for executives.

    It Works

    TeamQuest solutions are hard at work inside many of the most respected companies in the world. We are your partner, and our solutions simplify your work, allow you to be proactive and forward-thinking, and help you make your business more successful.