Solutions Overview

    Avoid Risks. Control Costs. Communicate Value. Make IT Better.

    Elevate IT maturity and optimize infrastructure based on the business value it delivers. Transcend IT and business boundaries, using purpose-built views of information for different stakeholders:

    • Detailed, technical data for IT operations staff and capacity planners

    • Dynamic views of service status for business managers

    • Alignment of IT investment with top-level business objectives for executives

    Observation, analysis, prediction, and guidance all in one, integrated platform.

    Our Customers Achieved...

    Financial Industry

    Telecom Industry

    Insurance Industry

    Retail Industry

    Technology Industry

    • 25% reduction in annual IT budget over a 3-year period
    • Accurate prediction of resource requirements to support 730 transactions per second in busy retail season
    • $5 million savings in hardware expenses in one exercise alone
    • $800,000 savings in annual call center operation costs by improving response time by 5 seconds per call
    • Automation of 70% of the team’s capacity management work
    • 98% faster time to results of analysis and reporting
    • 500% increase in infrastructure coverage with no increase in staff
    • 1000s of VMs repurposed and no new virtual clusters created for a year
    • 70% reduction in Wintel servers and 66% reduction in UNIX/AIX/Solaris servers through properly planned consolidation
    • 58% reduction in processors needed for an application through tuning
    • What took 1000 hours per month was simplified to a single click
    • And the list goes on!

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