Physical, Virtual, Cloud

    End Fragmentation and Get Control Over Every Corner of Your Infrastructure 

    IT infrastructure is complex today. On-prem. Off-prem. Virtualization. The cloud.

    It’s up to IT to build this infrastructure, then distribute resources from its many miscellaneous parts to various services in the most efficient way possible.

    With so many different environments to track—many of them walled off from one another in data silos—service issues can be difficult to diagnose and anticipate. And it’s altogether too easy for IT infrastructure to get fragmented—and difficult to manage.


    The data that defines your performance is coming from a wider and wider range of disparate sources. But your IT managers need a “big picture” view of system capacity, not a cluster of siloed views and tools limited to single environments.

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    Gain Insights, Improve Performance, Minimize Costs

    Capacity management tools help you consolidate performance data across your infrastructure and create a single view of your environments.

    This makes a huge difference when it comes to determining the overall health of your systems and services. Plus, you’ll be able to monitor each environment in real time as information flows between stacks.


    With better visibility into how resources are being distributed among machines—and cloud settings—in your environment, you’ll be better able to protect against overprovisioning. And you’ll still maintain service-level agreements.

    Tools that look across environments allow IT managers to be confident in the stability of the service they provide.

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    Reap the Full Benefits of Performance Monitoring

    Allocate your IT resources across environments for maximum effect and minimal cost with the right capacity planning tools.

    Regardless of the technology in your stack or the vendor that supplied it, you can get at-a-glance views of current IT health and automatic notification of any future risk posed to your services.

    • Standardize on a single tool and process across your enterprise
    • Connect IT staff across silos for improved collaboration 
    • Compare the cost of cloud services with in-house IT
    • Accurately right-size cloud instances
    • Break out of siloed IT views and understand how the allocation of resources from physical, virtualized, and cloud-based environments affects overall service quality
    • Allocate the optimal amount of resources to each VM
    • Find and eliminate unused VMs

    Analyze operating systems, hypervisors, databases, networks, storage systems, and more from many different vendors, including:


    Plus, use data you are already collecting with tools sold by vendors like these:



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