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    IT Finance & Budgeting

    TeamQuest’s tools connect executives to their IT departments, giving them visibility into cost and value, creating more ROI, and driving fact-based decisions.

    IT Budgeting that gives business leaders...

    Visibility into IT Costs Insight Needed to Introduce New Services Understanding of IT's Value to the Business

    The servers and software that today’s companies rely on can meet higher demands with more efficiency than ever before, but that doesn’t mean that providing great IT service has gotten any cheaper. Business leaders are constantly thinking of new projects and initiatives to help meet increasing customer expectations, but are understandably frustrated when their IT departments tell them their ideas will require extensive time and money to complete.

    What today’s business leaders need is transparency into the IT budgeting and forecasting process. TeamQuest’s capacity management tools empower managers and executives to

    • Understand what goes into IT costs
    • Identify IT value
    • Furnish their companies and departments with more efficient and effective IT services

    Lead with the Facts

    For consumer or client-facing services, proper IT budgeting allows for fact-based decision making. Armed with accurate data put into the proper context, business leaders can propose new digital services that they know their budget can support. This knowledge also prevents risk by ensuring that IT services aren’t stretched too thin, causing downtime or crashes. The same goes for internal initiatives — good IT finance tools can lead to increased productivity without a corresponding increase in costs.

    Meet All of Your Customers’ Expectations

    Leaders with accurate, real-time data will not only have a better understanding of their IT investment, but increase their return on it. As consumers expect more and more from digital services, executives will need all the resources they can get to meet these heightened expectations more effectively and efficiently than the competition.

    By strengthening the connections between leadership, finance, and IT, TeamQuest makes IT budgeting not a constraint, but instead, a powerful tool for business success.

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    Capacity Planning

    Avoid risks, cut costs, and maximize efficiency with accurate capacity planning

    Business leadership often gets plenty of data from IT, but not the context they need to make important decisions. As a result, companies either overspend or spread their resources too thin, leaving them vulnerable to waste, service spikes and server outages. Business leaders need both insight into the IT process and a way to communicate productively.

    Business executive sitting with IT

    Capacity planning allows business leaders to:

    • Align IT with business goals
    • Quickly and efficiently leverage new business opportunities
    • Eliminate unnecessary infrastructure expense
    • Understand future IT needs
    • Avoid risks of poor performance, outages, and missed opportunities

    Make Informed Decisions

    When business leaders have a clear idea of IT costs and capabilities, it’s easy to plan projects within their budget. They can free up wasted resources and allocate those resources to augment existing online services and build new ones, improving business productivity without sacrificing capital. And when companies can accurately predict service outages, they can plan to prevent them, keeping customers confidently connected and loyal.

    Make IT a Center for Innovation and Growth

    IT departments should function as a business within a business, always generating value and improving ROI. With accurate, real-time data, business leaders can consistently monitor the business value being delivered by IT and make adjustments on the fly; gone are the days of annual or semi-annual forecasting. IT should be as forward thinking and up-to-date as the business it supports.

    By opening lines of clear communication, IT can operate in tandem with the business, increasing productivity and leveraging insight for business success.

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    Vityl Suite

    Business Value Dashboards

    Vityl Dashboard

    • Show the alignment of IT and business objectives
    • Deliver top-to-bottom organizational transparency 
    • Transform IT technical metrics into an actionable business value dashboard


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    Capacity Planning

    Vityl Monitor

    • Save hundreds of person-hours spent doing analysis.
    • Identify and resolve problems fast 
    • Meet business demand now and in the future


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    Infrastructure Monitoring

    Vityl Monitor

    • Save hundreds of person-hours spent doing analysis.
    • Identify and resolve problems fast 
    • Meet business demand now and in the future


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