Business Growth & Agility

    IT has to be agile enough to launch new services quickly, sometimes to take advantage of a window of opportunity or to beat the competition.

    Increase the agility of IT and help grow the business:

    • Transcend boundaries between IT and the business
    • Provide transparency from business leadership down through IT staff
    • Predict when and why performance will be impacted
    • Free IT resources for rolling out new apps and services


    See What These Customers Achieved...

    Financial Industry

    VISA Europe processes over one billion transactions without any performance issues, more than 730 transactions per second without a disruption. — Manager of Capacity Planning and Performance Management

    Telecom Industry

    Verizon achieved record sales with zero performance issues during an iPhone launch by accurately predicting the resources required to meet demand. — Executive Director

    Technology Industry


    VeriSign successfully scales systems in advance of demand growth without suspending production. — Senior Vice President, Technology Services

    Grow Your Business with Predictive Analytics

    Find out how doing what-if analysis can help you determine the best path to business success.


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