Join us for our presentation on “How to Take IT Service Management to the Next Level”

    Date: Monday 21st November
    Time: 16:15
    Location: Room number 3

    Join our session to learn how to move up on the maturity scale, what each phase looks like, what are the necessary steps to move up, best practices and challenges that you will need to mitigate.

    Per Bauer will take you through the journey towards IT Optimization and how People, Processes and Tools impact an enterprise's maturity.

    Speaker Bio

    Per Bauer is the Director of Global Services at Teamquest, Per has global responsibility for the strategic services delivered to TeamQuest customers. He is the originator of TeamQuest’s Capacity Management Maturity Model and has authored and presented papers on the subject in Europe and the US.  He has a combination of deep practical experience and an understanding of the business drivers for capacity management, contributing to his role as a thought leader within the industry.   Prior to TeamQuest, he managed performance quality assurance for a global ERP-vendor.

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