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The business case for Capacity Management is easy to express — increase your efficiency while mitigating risks. It’s achieved by optimizing the use of existing capacity and preparing for the future needs. It’s as simple as that.


But still, wouldn’t it be great if you could realize all the benefits and value of Capacity Management without having to design and implement all the underpinning processes, purchase a tool and train dedicated staff to take care of it? If you could subscribe to a service and pay as you go, rather than doing an upfront investment?

Let TeamQuest Services do your Capacity Management

We offer a remote service called "Optimization in a Box," where we make use of performance data that already exists in your environment. Based on our experience and expertise, we analyze, interpret and report on that data to help guide you toward providing optimized IT services. Thanks to the data federation capabilities of our products, there is no need to consolidate or transfer large volumes of data. We can seamlessly implement an on-site capacity management function with minimal intrusion.



TeamQuest Optimization in a Box Architecture


With our setup, no data has to leave your company or premises. The TeamQuest analytical engine resides on-site. All configuration, monitoring, analysis, and reporting tasks are managed remotely by TeamQuest. If you decide to end your subscription to this service, our minimal on-site footprint can be removed in virtually no time.

How does Optimization in a Box work?

Our process for setting up Capacity Management as a service, and making sure that it fulfills your needs, includes the following steps:

Service Definition

This is the start of the implementation where we make sure that your existing data sources fulfill your needs in terms of detail, richness, granularity, and historical coverage. We also spend time with you to understand the configuration of you environment, your business service levels, and the optimal reporting structure. This information will be used to create a list of mutually agreeable deliverables.

Service Operation

Service Operation is the normal, continuous operation of the Configuration in a Box remote service. The service is delivered in accordance with how it was defined in the Service Definition step, with our goal being to keep changes to a minimum.

Service Alignment

Once in a while there will be a need to slightly redesign or update the service (because of changed priorities, new services or applications, an update of the underlying infrastructure etc.). We call this redesign or update a "service alignment." Service alignment projects can either be scheduled to happen on a regular basis or in reaction to an event.


The Optimization in a Box Process


We do the work, so you don’t have to

We take care of the complete Capacity Management process for you. We work hard to minimize the effort required form you. That said, here some requirements that you must fulfill in order for this service to work:

Make data available

You are probably already collecting data about your servers for monitoring purposes. You may even be using different data collectors for different servers. That’s not a problem. We do not require a unified collection architecture for your entire infrastructure; we can manage multiple different data sources. But the data needs to be rich enough to fulfill your capacity management needs. We will help you examine the data and, if necessary, propose changes as part of the Service Definition.

Define relatively static, predefined expectations for deliverables

In order to build a sustainable and manageable solution, we need to agree upon a set of predefined deliverables. These can be tailored to your requirements during the definition phase, but they need to stay fairly static during normal operation. If you fulfill those two prerequisites, our optimization service will be a really good choice for you...