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TeamQuest Analyzer®

Analyze real-time and historical IT service performance issues

  • Live, up-to-the-moment performance data
  • Notification before users complain
  • Fast drill-down from services to root-cause
  • Fine-grained detail for problem analysis

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  • Ensures availability and allows you to consistently meet IT SLAs, reporting on service performance & capacity in real time.
  • Detects problems before they impact services, by proactively monitoring all of your IT infrastructure and applications.
  • Enables fast root-cause identification & resolution, seamlessly taking you from symptoms to the details you need for diagnosis.
  • Reduces training/staffing needs, by providing a common tool for heterogeneous environments.
  • Enables analysis from a business point of view, processing business metrics together with related IT infrastructure measurements.

TeamQuest Analyzer uses TeamQuest CMIS to obtain detailed data regarding the performance of applications and services that may be implemented across many distributed servers and other IT infrastructure.

TeamQuest Analyzer Architecture Diagram
TeamQuest Analyzer Architecture Diagram TeamQuest Predictor TeamQuest Surveyor TeamQuest CMIS TeamQuest CMIS Third Party Data Sources Monitored Infrastructure

Using the unique capabilities of TeamQuest CMIS, TeamQuest Analyzer is able to provide both real-time and historical vendor-agnositic views of performance across both virtualized and physical resources used throughout your organization. You can view analysis results from an enterprise dashboard that summarizes performance and capacity from an IT or business service point of view.

Impending problems can detected by the TeamQuest CMIS performance monitoring function before users are affected. TeamQuest Analyzer's Discovery Correlation Analysis can used to quickly search for performance parameters related to observed symptoms, helping you to determine the root cause. You can seamlessly drill-down to the fine-grained details, including process-level data from servers, needed to diagnose and correct the problem.

  • Works in conjunction with TeamQuest CMIS, a powerful platform for data collection, data management, automated analytics, and monitoring
  • Gives very accurate analysis of resource utilization, showing the consumption by IT and business services with precision.
  • Sees the big picture and the details, with high-level dashboards drilling down to fine-grained, process-level details.
  • Analyzes real-time performance of everything, providing a tool that can cross IT technology and application/service silos.
  • Enables standardized IT Service Optimization, delivering consistent data & analysis throughout your organization.
  • Advanced automated health monitoring and analysis using the TeamQuest Performance Indicator. (Requires TeamQuest Predictor and TeamQuest CMIS. See our TeamQuest Predictor page for more information.)
  • Analyze problematic IT services or multi-tiered applications to identify the IT component causing the problem, regardless of where that component may reside.
  • Automatically detect performance anomalies by comparing recent metrics with historical norms.
  • Uses automated capacity analysis and performance monitoring to identify impending problems before they affect business.
  • Compare actual performance to service levels in real time.
  • Identify cycles and patterns in system behavior using trend analysis.
  • Generate alarm events and send them to third-party consoles via SNMP traps or use the traps to automatically open trouble tickets in your Service Desk/Help Desk software.
  • Determine how much of each resource is being consumed by each IT service, business process, department, or application.
  • Customize your view of the IT infrastructure, such as by tier, by platforms, by hypervisor and guests, by location, or in terms of the IT services they support.
  • TeamQuest Analyzer delivers process-level details for problem diagnosis

    This sample display illustrates TeamQuest Analyzer's ability to deliver fine-grained, process-level details needed to solve real problems. It can do this historically and also in real time, and the tool makes it easy to seamlessly transition to these details from higher-level management reports.

    TeamQuest Correlation Discovery Analysis report.

    TeamQuest Correlation Discovery Analysis helps users find the root cause for performance problems. Using this feature you can automatically search for performance parameters that are related to a symptom you are observing, whether that symptom has to do with business performance or technical performance of a service or application.

    TeamQuest Analyzer delivers process-level details for problem diagnosis

    This Components of Response Summary report shows the service and delay time calculated for each CPU and I/O device. Automated components of response time analytics come along with TeamQuest Performance Indicator calculations when you augment TeamQuest CMIS with TeamQuest Predictor.

    For more information, see our TeamQuest Predictor page.

    TeamQuest Analyzer delivers process-level details for problem diagnosis

    This screen shot gives an example of TeamQuest Analyzer being used to view utilization by virtual machines in three different virtualized environments. One of TeamQuest Analyzer's strengths is its ability to handle many popular virtualized environments, including Hyper-V, KVM, PowerVM, Solaris Zones, and VMware.

    TeamQuest Analyzer dashboard for multiple virtualized environments

    This TeamQuest Performance Indicator (TPI) Summary Report is useful for detecting potential bottlenecks in a service or application. TPI is an ideal health indicator for detecting bottlenecks. This particular report is designed to be used with one or more servers. It shows TPI calculated for all active resources, including CPU and all I/O devices.

    For more information on TPI, see our TeamQuest Predictor page.


TeamQuest Analyzer Analyzes:

...both IT and business performance using a wide variety of data sources, including:

  • Operating Systems
    • AIX (including WPARs)
    • HP-UX
    • Linux
    • Solaris (including Zones)
    • Windows
  • Hypervisors
    • IBM PowerVM
    • Microsoft Hyper-V
    • Oracle VM Server for SPARC (LDOMs)
    • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (KVM)
    • VMware vSphere (ESX/ESXi)
  • Databases
    • DB2
    • Oracle
    • SQL Server
    • Sybase
  • Web Servers
    • Apache
    • IIS
    • Others
  • Network devices via SNMP
  • Network traffic between tiers
  • Storage Systems
  • Custom applications
  • And more...

Customers using TeamQuest Products

AIG, Wellpoint, NASA, Verizon Wireless, COOP, Volkswagon, T-Systems, and Carter's
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