Virtualized Environments

Manage Your Enterprise

The Solution

The dynamic nature of virtualized environments makes optimizing performance and capacity more complicated. Multiple virtualization technologies often run on a variety of operating systems and hardware platforms, and often a variety of management tools are used to manage performance, monitor health, and determine the cause of bottlenecks.

The TeamQuest solution helps mitigate risks and optimize performance for everything virtual, including:

  • Physical servers
  • Guests
  • Hypervisors
  • Storage

And TeamQuest addresses VMware, Hyper-V, KVM and many other virtualization platforms.

With the TeamQuest solution you can:

  • Optimize IT services in multi-vendor environments with a mixture of hypervisors and operating systems
  • Allocate the optimal amount of resources to each VM
  • Know how many VMs can realistically be placed on a particular configuration of a physical server
  • Identify and redeploy unused VMs
  • Proactively manage the performance and capacity of the physical server, the hypervisor, guests, and guest interaction
  • Be alerted to performance problems early, before it becomes critical
  • Know how long current configurations will perform adequately, and know when upgrades or additional systems will be needed

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