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    Using Predictive Analysis to Do More with Less

    IT’s increasing importance to the business at large has placed a premium on efficiency that only gets bigger each year. Though the cloud has made it possible to meet SLAs with a finite set of resources, the fact that this technology is rented on a “pay as you go” basis only increases the need for capacity planning in order to avoid skyrocketing, often invisible costs. The solution, as many business leaders agree, must involve the standardization and consolidation of IT infrastructure to reduce costs while maintaining quality of service.

    But as the amount of data that businesses must deal with on a daily basis increases, traditional methods of capacity planning become nearly impossible to execute. Consolidation must be accompanied by strong, automated, predictive analytics that make it possible to determine how workloads should be allocated well before they threaten to overload server capacity. In this white paper, we’ll weigh the benefits and risks of virtualization, consolidation, and other methods of improving IT efficiency and workforce productivity.

    In this White Paper:

    1. Executive Summary

    2. Business Expectations

    3. Defining IT Efficiency

    4. Improvement Strategies

    5. Improving Efficiency Through Infrastructure Consolidation

    6. Improving Business Workforce Productivity

    7. Issues With Improvement Strategies

    8. Managing Performances In A Virtual Environment

    9. The Difficulties Of Resolving Issues In Production

    10. IT Costs Are Not The Only Consequence

    11. Predictive Analysis Is The Strategic Key

    12. Conclusion

    13. Appendix A: Methodology And Respondent Demographics

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