How To Do IT Cost Optimization

    Learn Why True IT Cost Optimization is About Efficiently Delivering Business Value 

    No business today can thrive without a solid technology base to support it -- that means IT cost optimization should really be about business optimization. Simply making cuts to IT could unintentionally hinder your company’s operations, as well as your customers’ experience. So how do you balance minimizing IT cost and risk while maximizing business value?

    This TeamQuest white paper explains everything you need to know about optimizing IT costs to increase business value. Learn how to demonstrate to business leaders the massive impact a serious optimization effort would have on your company’s bottom line, then how you can start making that impact a reality. With the information in this authoritative report, you can not only lower costs, but also increase your IT organization’s value to the business.

    In this white paper:

    Optimize Costs

    • Optimization means finding the right cost, not necessarily the lowest. Identify what processes and investments can be cut without harming productivity or service
    • Rethink your org chart to streamline the efficiency of your staff and daily work processes
    • Reduce over-provisioning with capacity management, maximizing the efficiency of your IT infrastructure

    Maximize Business Value

    • Use a bimodal approach to IT to encourage innovations and products that will improve your competitive advantage
    • Speed up the development of new applications and other value-adding capabilities using agile or DevOps methodologies
    • Implement cloud solutions to improve your agility and flexibility

    Minimize Risk

    • Improve your infrastructure monitoring and capacity planning processes so you can proactively react to potential bottlenecks and crashes before they have a chance to impact revenue
    • Optimization efforts shouldn’t negatively impact user experience -- cut the cost of service delivery without decreasing service quality
    • Implement cloud solutions to improve your agility and flexibility