What's the Real Value of IT in the Insurance Industry?

    The insurance industry is a complicated business. The right IT strategies can save insurance businesses millions, yet insurance business leaders still question the value of IT.
    Common business perceptions are:

    • I don't see the value of IT so how do I know dollars are well spent.
    • Technology is expensive. We can get by with what we have, so why purchase more?
    • I'm not sure new technology ever saves money, increases productivity or improves customer satisfaction.

    As new technologies emerge, business leaders who realize the value of IT and leverage it consistently, harvest the short- and long-term benefits that IT brings. If CIOs cannot communicate effective answers to these business concerns, then the gap between IT and the business widens, preventing the business from realizing its full potential. So where do we go from here? Listen to this podcast now to find out!

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