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Professional assistance to help you optimize IT services & get the most from TeamQuest software

managed Services

Are you short on staff or experience? Struggling to meet service level agreements (SLAs)? Spending too much time fighting fires? Let us do the work so you don't have to!

Use us an extension of your IT staff. Offload the day-to-day performance and capacity planning work for consistent and optimized service delivery. Just select from a range of role-based Managed Services a solution that best fits your needs.

Each Managed Service builds on the previous.

Managed Service Diagram

Select from a range of role-based Managed Services.

solution administrator

The entry point for Managed Services, Solution Administrator provides low-level monitoring and resolves problems, directing incidents to the correct owner for resolution as appropriate.

Solution Administrator provides these specific tasks:

  • Management of all TeamQuest software issues related to infrastructure or managed nodes

  • Configuration and maintenance of TeamQuest software

  • Implementation of TeamQuest software updates per your Change Management process

  • Proper data collection and infrastructure monitoring

  • Generation of basic, scheduled reports

  • Weekly activity and incident summary

health & risk analyst

In addition so the Solution Administrator tasks, the Health & Risk Analyst managed service identifies and resolves performance issues and proactively monitors to prevent performance issues from occurring.

Health & Risk Analyst provides these additional tasks:

  • Problem identification and recommendations for resolution

  • Recommendations for resource and configuration adjustments to improve performance
  • Exception reports showing top 10 systems for each resource

  • Reports showing systems that are underutilized or have excess capacity

  • Additional reports available out-of-the-box as needed

capacity planner

Forecast based on historical data and business transaction data. By mapping applications to system resources and understanding business transaction forecasts for the next planning period, we can help you determine what resources you need when.

Virtual Capacity Planner provides these adidtional tasks:

  • Monthly capacity report for CPU, memory, and storage looking ahead up to four quarters

  • Results of what-if scenarios for forecasting different resource options and configurations

  • Resource requirements by application for the next planning period

  • Monthly adjustments to the planning as real transactional and resource data is collected

Optimization In a box

Realize all the benefits and value of Capacity Management without the upfront investment of putting the people, processes and tools in place to do it.  Subscribe to this service, called Optimization in a Box, and pay as you go.

This service makes use of performance data already being captured in your environment via a variety of tools and data sources. We’ll analyze, interpret, and report on that data to guide you toward optimized IT services. There is no need to consolidate or transfer large volumes of data. The TeamQuest analytical engine resides on-site, and all configuration, monitoring, analysis, and reporting tasks are managed remotely by TeamQuest.