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Risk Prediction


  • You have limited personnel, time, and expertise
  • You have requirements to cost effectively ensure service levels are met
  • Your environment is complex and constantly changing
    • It is a challenge to predict which services will run out of capacity
    • IT services are often implemented across MANY servers, both virtual and physical
    • Configurations supporting services are dynamically changing


Solution: TeamQuest Risk Prediction - A capability enabled by TeamQuest Predictor

  • Automated, forward-looking predictive analysis of all your IT services
  • Gives you specific and focused advance warning so that you avoid disaster
  • Tells you where to focus your attention to avoid future problems


About our latest release

A capability enabled by our latest release of TeamQuest Predictor, TeamQuest Risk Prediction will now automatically determine which past time period to use as the baseline for future performance predictions. This eliminates the need for an expert to decide which historical time slot might be representative of typical workloads. Risk Prediction can also automatically determine the trend in business growth, eliminating yet another input for calculating predicted response. And configuring Risk Prediction in large data centers is simplified using policy-based administration.