TeamQuest PredictorTeamQuest Predictor

Advanced automated predictive analytics & capacity planning


TeamQuest Predictor helps optimize IT by delivering advanced predictive analytics in two ways:

  • Capacity Planning — predicting optimal IT configurations for the future
  • Automated Predictive Analytics — continuously predicting future application health

Automated Predictive Analytics

  • TeamQuest Predictor’s automated predictive capability saves you time. It’s called AutoPredictTM and it runs automatically.
  • Notifies you well in advance of problems, delivering the information you need to avoid and prevent bottlenecks.
  • Tells you where to focus your money and attention, and when, to keep applications running smoothly.
  • Regularly analyzes hundreds of applications and thousands of servers in your datacenter.
  • Works in highly dynamic virtualized environments.
  • Provides advanced analytics for comprehensive application, service and system health monitoring.

Capacity Planning

  • Helps you find cost-effective configurations that maximize business productivity.
  • Allows you to accurately provision systems to avoid costly and time-consuming performance bottlenecks.
  • Finds optimal configurations for new application rollouts, by ensuring production systems will handle new workloads at minimal cost.
  • Provides unbiased, vendor-neutral guidance, showing what you really need as opposed to what your vendor says you need.
  • Reduces or eliminates over-provisioning, by identifying the least expensive way to accommodate service level requirements.
  • Aids virtualization & server consolidation decisions, helping find the most cost-effective combination and configuration of resources.