PureShare Business Value Dashboards

Show the business value contributed by IT operations 

TeamQuest + PureShare = Automated & Actionable InformationElevate the conversation from IT metrics to business value.

PureShare Business Value Dashboards (BVDs), the newest addition to the TeamQuest ITSO software suite, adds a powerful new level of transparency and business-context to your IT operations data.

Traditional executive dashboards present highly summarized views of performance in the context of initiatives, capacity, efficiency, speed, and cost. Infrastructure and Operations BVDs are focused mostly on how IT impacts the ability of a business to produce revenue – a simple concept that makes the most sense to business stakeholders.

PureShare BVDs make it easy for IT to communicate its value to the business:

  • Transform IT technical metrics into highly summarized business-centric views.
  • Publish and manage dashboards so executives, managers and staff can see the information they need on any device, anytime, anywhere.
  • Automatically merge business data such as organizational hierarchies, locations, financials, and customer-specific information with IT operational metrics from your existing data sources.
  • Utilize a powerful Metrics Catalog to aggregate, consolidate, and transform metrics from a wide variety of data sources.


Present IT value in a manner that makes sense to the business — IT no longer has to argue, defend, and justify IT spend

  • Allow for real-time decision making based on automated and accurate information
  • Bypass the protracted cycle of requesting, reading, analyzing and summarizing reports
  • Leverage metrics to move from being in a constantly chaotic and reactive state towards the highest levels of organizational maturity.

Why It’s Better

Don’t take our word for it.

The world’s leading IT research firm recently ranked PureShare first in Critical Capabilities for Infrastructure and Operations Business Value Dashboards.

Considered 10 years ahead of the BVD hype cycle, “PureShare received the highest overall score against eight critical capabilities due to its intuitive nature, strong graphical elements and large library of out of the box I&O metrics, as well as business value reports.”

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