TeamQuest Partners

Strategic Alliances

TeamQuest has formed strategic alliances with service providers, complementary software providers, and integrators for added value in business service management, server consolidation projects and capacity planning services.  

CREATIVE Associates

CREATIVE Associates core business is optimizing IT infrastructure performance. Founded in 2001 by Walter Verhoeven, Creative Associates provides best of breed solutions in this domain by working solely with top technology software providers like Hewlett-Packard, TeamQuest and European Performance Systems. Creative Associates builds strong relationships with customers by providing exceptional solutions, advice and product support.

View literature on ExceptionRep, a plug-in module for TeamQuest Performance Software from Creative Associates. Functionality also includes Server State Reports and Heatmap Reports.

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CHG-MERIDIAN is one of the world´s leading manufacturer and bank independent Technology Portfolio Management provider in the fields of information- and telecommunication, industrial and healthcare technologies. CHG-MERIDIAN offers a fully comprehensive IT infrastructure service - from the planning and financing stages via the procurement process, and implementation, to the rollback and remarketing of technology-equipment at their dedicated brokerage and logistics centres. CHG-MERIDIAN´s independent status and in-depth expertise in various technology fields allows to provide customers with individual, customized solutions.

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Mekyska Management Consultants is optimizing concepts in the field of IT Financial Management. Our consultants are specialists in two areas: IT Controlling and Information Technology. With our expertise we support our customers in running the data center in the most efficient way from a cost perspective. To make these concepts even more reliable, we offer a solution where the usage information collected by TeamQuest software and platform cost information are the basis of cost calculation. We report operational costs of each IT Service on any technical platform. The unique correlation of usage information with costs allows the customer do further analytics in TeamQuest software. The different capabilities and costs of each technical resource is considered in the calculation results. As it comes to budget planning our solution supports the customer in creating and handling different budget scenarios. Capacity planning information delivered by TeamQuest software correlates the costs of future investments directly to IT Services.

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