JN Data Receives ITSO Award at 2012 Technology Summit

Congratulations to 2012 ITSO Award recipient JN Data. The Danish IT operations and engineering company received the award at the 2012 TeamQuest Technology Summit. JN Data described how they used TeamQuest Performance Software to manage service delivery on more than 5,000 servers, with more than 60 percent virtualized with VMware. The two main goals for the three-person crew are to deliver stable operations to their customer and do it efficiently.

Verizon Wireless Receives ITSO Award at 2011 Technology Summit

Congratulations to ITSO Award recipient Verizon Wireless. The operator of the nation's fastest and most advanced 4G network received the award at the 2011 TeamQuest Technology Summit in April. The company explained how its infrastructure team enabled business strategy with capacity management software and processes. Watch some of the reasons why Verizon Wireless won.

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