January 20, 2010
    Demands for more services are increasing and high performance and reliability are expected, yet budgets, labor and floor space are all being constrained. I guess nobody said running a data center was easy.

    The need for increased efficiency and reliability points to capacity management processes. And like anything else, you have to crawl before you walk, but the value of capacity management practices is there. So what's it take to adopt more mature processes?

    TeamQuest has released our Capacity Management Maturity Model that identifies different levels of IT management competency.

     TeamQuest's Capacity Management Maturity Model

    Following the lead of Gartner's IT Management Process Maturity Model, we've drilled down even further to highlight the levels of Capacity Management maturity specifically.

    After all, moving to mature Capacity Management tools and processes lowers costs, improves service quality and increases IT productivity since staff can focus on the most important duties rather than fight fires.

    Take a look at our latest white paper entitled, Introducing a Capacity Management Maturity Model. Let us know what you think! Post your comments below.

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