Will IT4IT Help to Fully Modernize IT Operations?

    May 17, 2017

    By Scott Adams

    The role of IT is changing. As companies look to IT as a business innovator, IT4IT can help you transform old IT practices into new, business-driven ones.

    In the early days of enterprise IT, companies considered the department a cost center. Expensive hardware and costly overhead kept IT from going through with business initiatives.

    But all that has changed in the last decade. A new age of tech has fostered a culture of disruption to the status quo in businesses of all industries, changing the way that IT is organized and managed. Today, companies look at IT as a business driver.

    IT has typically been guided by standards, best practices, and frameworks for their operations. However, these practices haven’t kept up with the rapid technological development of the 21st century. The new role that IT plays in business as an innovator and business enabler isn’t covered.

    IT needs a fresh approach, and some believe it can be found in IT4IT.

    What is IT4IT?

    Launched in October 2016 by The Open Group, IT4IT is a vendor-neutral prescriptive IT reference architecture. IT4IT takes data collected by a network and delivers actionable feedback on how to optimize a company’s current IT infrastructure to support the department’s role as a business driver.

    As IT takes on a production-organized structure—that is, as it produces and delivers services based on the demands of the business—the department should accordingly adopt a value chain concept. IT4IT allows IT to view, organize, and manage its functions as if it were a business in its own right.

    All you need to do is take your current landscape and map it on IT4IT, which “provides a structured approach to specifying the functional components and information model needed to standardize the end-to-end IT value chain,” according to TechBeacon.

    The IT4IT model divides the value chain into four value streams: strategy to portfolio, requirement to deployment, request to fulfill, and detect to correct.

    These four value streams provide a framework to identify areas of overlap and inefficiency, allowing IT to lower costs, streamline processes, and address issues faster.

    IT4IT in the Wild

    IT4IT is a relatively new solution, and thus is far from being a quick fix to entrenched problems within an IT department. Still, companies have already started leveraging it with great success.

    For example, after becoming frustrated with a persistent data issue in ITSM, one IT team decided to view the issue through the value chain and system-thinking lens of IT4IT. The team eventually sourced the issue in upstream data from the corporate ERP system, rather than the CMDB. IT4IT enabled them to address the actual problem rather than waste time attacking a source that wasn’t actually broken.

    The Need for Data

    IT4IT is not a replacement for any specific system—rather, it builds on an existing IT infrastructure and supports it. IT teams hoping to leverage it still need a source of reliable and accurate data, as the solution and the information that supports it are interconnected and codependent.

    “Innovative technologies, such as big data and the cloud, can only be of value to the business if they can be properly implemented and managed,” writes Rob Akershoek in Computer Weekly. “IT leaders realize that current IT operating models no longer address the new role of IT in the business, and that the IT function needs to reinvent itself.”

    But where can companies find the data necessary to really understand how to drive business value?

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