Spoiler Alert: The Cloud Can Be Brought Down

    A service outage in Amazon’s popular AWS platform was a sobering reminder that even the biggest and best cloud providers can suffer from service-disrupting disaster.

    IT Still Struggling to Deploy the Right Cloud Instances at the Right Time

    With IT budgets constantly under fire, it’s time to take a fresh look at how you determine which cloud resources should be deployed to maximize efficiency.

    Will IT4IT Help to Fully Modernize IT Operations?

    The role of IT is changing. As companies look to IT as a business innovator, IT4IT can help you transform old IT practices into new, business-driven ones.

    From Mainframe to the Cloud: How Capacity Management Has Remained Relevant As IT Transforms

    Virtualization and cloud computing are replacing mainframe systems, but one skill remains absolutely necessary: capacity management.

    Sorting Out the Public/Private Divide in Cloud Computing

    What’s the difference between public cloud and private cloud? The answer depends a lot on the data you choose to put on it.
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