Why Some Cloud Contracts Put Businesses at Risk

    With so many companies moving operations to the cloud, it’s important that CIOs and IT managers read the fine print before committing to a particular vendor.

    Orchestration on the Private Cloud

    Companies turn to the private cloud in the hopes big cost savings, but without orchestration, cloud computing will fail to deliver on its big promises.

    How Slack Supports Its Exponentially Growing User Base

    To free its team to focus on innovation and not maintenance, Slack turned to the power of the cloud.

    Cost Still a Major Obstacle to Virtualization in Hospitals

    Though the long-term benefits of virtualization are undeniable, upfront migration costs hold healthcare providers back from converting their infrastructure.

    The UK Government Is Shooting for Digital Transformation, But Is It Setting Its Sights High Enough?

    The UK Government has set forth a new digital transformation strategy, however some critics argue their goals aren’t ambitious enough.

    Why 2017 Could Be the Year of the CIO

    The expanding role of digitization and the growing salaries of IT managers may be evidence that the role of the CIO is set to become even more central in 2017.

    Balancing Cloud Costs with Application Performance

    The cloud promises users cost savings, scalability, and access, but there are a few pitfalls they should consider before making the switch.

    Business and IT Goals Really Are Aligned — They Just Don't Know It

    Executives used to view IT as a cost center, but now they expect the department to drive innovation and, ultimately, revenue.
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