How Analytics Are Helping to Mitigate and Share Risk in Healthcare

    With the ACA in limbo, experts are still looking to big data to drive the future of American health insurance.

    Why a Multi-Cloud Mitigates IT Risk

    Your IT infrastructure is vital to your businesses success. Take some steps to ensure your network stays online, even if you’re moving to the cloud.

    Every Company Is a Tech Company: Why IT Ops Is More Important Than Ever

    With IT infrastructures becoming more complex, it’s time to reevaluate the way in which tech departments monitor the performance of their systems.

    Why Cloud Vendor Lock-In Might Not Be So Bad After All

    IT professionals shouldn’t be scared to at least consider going all-in with one cloud vendor. Some experts argue there are benefits that may outweigh the dependency.

    Outages More Common, Lengthy in U.K. Than in U.S.

    For many modern companies, success is dependent upon complex IT infrastructures — and as a result, IT outages can cripple vital operations and can cost a pretty penny.

    What to Do When Your CIO Doesn't Know IT

    While IT used to be a cost center, it’s now a business driver, and the role of the CIO is changing.

    IT Leaders Must Save for the Future, Even if Their Budgets Don’t Increase

    Although IT’s responsibilities and demands grow with each passing day, IT budgets aren’t necessarily growing with them.

    The Open Source Database May Be On Its Last Legs

    Open source databases used to be an industry standard, but the convenience and freedom of the cloud may cause them to all but disappear from the market.

    Does a Hybrid Cloud Environment Call for Cloud Management Software?

    The right cloud management software offers more holistic views of often siloed infrastructures and automates resource distribution.

    Not Adopting DevOps? There's Still Plenty Your Company Can Learn From It

    Your company may not fully embrace DevOps, but your IT team can glean some helpful strategies from it nonetheless.
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