Don’t Just Align IT and the Business: Integrate Them

    February 12, 2016

    By Jon Hill

    TeamQuest’s new Vityl product suite provides a complete solution to ensure service delivery and performance, reduce infrastructure cost and connect IT performance with the business outcomes.

    Optimizing IT services can save businesses millions by reducing costly outages and wasteful overprovisioning. The challenge is that IT environments are extremely complex, demand is unpredictable, and IT has limited resources. As a result, less than 5% of enterprise IT organizations effectively optimize IT service delivery.

    Vityl was built to make optimizing IT services easier in today’s accelerated and complex business world. Vityl combines industry-leading performance monitoring, advanced predictive analytics and best-in-class metrics management and visualization to provide an easy-to-use capacity management solution that helps you resolve performance problems and optimize your environment faster, and to greater effect.


    Avoid Risks and Control Costs

    Vityl Adviserapplies advanced algorithms to the performance data collected by Vityl Monitor (and any other performance data you can plug in) to give you "at-a-glance" health and risk scores for your critical services, and drill down for problem resolution.

    Vityl offers multiple purpose-built views and connected workflows, so that operations and management each get the system information relevant to them. All purpose-built views can be modified to adjust to the specific needs of the organization, or completely new customized views can be created.


    Transform Business and IT Data into Actionable Information

    Vityl Dashboard connects IT operations metrics to business dimensions, transforming the conversation from IT as a cost center to a business driver. Do away with time-intensive and unreliable manual reporting processes and give business leaders on-demand, at-a-glance views of how their investment in IT is performing.

    This Dashboard also offers organizations the agility needed to compete in today’s rapidly evolving IT environment, letting you pick and choose from a robust catalogue of metrics that can be adjusted to changes affecting your industry.


    Identify Performance Problems Before They Impact Users

    Vityl Monitor  is more than just a performance monitoring tool — it’s one of the most dynamic, flexible platforms on the market. For both real-time and historical performance, Monitor can be customized to gain a deep understanding of any IT infrastructure, no matter who your vendors are, or how many of them you have.

    Gain the ability to predict bottlenecks and slowdowns across a vast network of physical servers, virtual servers, and storage systems, then zoom in to determine the root cause before the problem has a chance to affect users.

    Elevate IT Maturity

    When combined, these Vityl gives you a complete solution that immediately enables IT organizations to elevate their IT maturity and optimize their infrastructure based on the business value it delivers.

    Each respective stakeholder is provided a view into IT in their native language: IT operations and capacity planners get the detailed technical metrics they expect; business managers see a dynamic, at-a-glance view of the status of their services; and executives see how IT investment aligns with their top-level business objectives. We deliver top-to-bottom transparency between IT and the business via one, integrated platform to observe, predict, resolve, and guide.

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