Risk Mitigation

    Mountains of data, complex technology, the sheer scale of your environment, and the limited number of staff to manage it all contribute to service availability and performance risks.

    Avoid performance risks by simplifying thousands of data points down to a single number that tells you the relative risk for each service on a scale of 0 to 100. Know exactly which services will be at risk and when, then delve into the detail to alleviate the impending problem.

    • Use a simple IT risk score that represents the future risk of poor performance
    • Use automated algorithms that account for non-linear behavior
    • Avoid financial penalties by preventing slowdowns and outages
    • Optimally prepare for increased demand
    • Know when and where bottlenecks will occur, so you can resolve them
    • Balance performance and cost with accurate capacity planning


    See What These Customers Achieved...

    Retail Industry


    A major U.S. retailer with 5,000 systems hosting 50,000 file systems focuses attention on at-risk services. — IT Capacity Management Manager

    Health Industry

    A major U.S. hospital identifies and resolves performance issues before they impact users, allocating capacity based on predictions that are typically 95% accurate. — System Administrator