Right-size Systems

Perform Critical Tasks

The Solution

Too little capacity causes poor response, low productivity, and lost business. Too much capacity wastes resources, increases complexity, and decreases manageability. Software licensing fees, a significant expense for IT organizations, are also often tied to server size.

Whether you are consolidating servers, purchasing hardware for new application roll-outs, or undergoing a hardware refresh, the TeamQuest solution provides accurate, unbiased data to right-size your systems:

  • Provide objective proof to your management regarding the business need for infrastructure upgrades
  • Find the most cost-effective hardware configuration that best satisfies service levels and meets business needs
  • Make informed decisions by understanding cost vs benefit tradeoffs for various configuration options
  • Objectively validate hardware vendor recommendations
  • Meet SLAs without over-provisioning
  • Report performance and capacity requirements to business unit managers in business terms
  • Predict performance and capacity requirements, sourced on-premise or in the cloud, by quickly and easily evaluating what-if scenarios
  • Migrate to newer technology - or to the cloud - efficiently and with confidence