Physical, Virtual, Cloud

    Infrastructure that supports a business is a mix of on-prem, off-prem, virtualization, and cloud. As brokers, IT has to determine where to source the infrastructure, as well as manage it all. Multi-tenancy, self-service portals, virtualization, and highly dynamic environments add complexity, so problems can be difficult to diagnose and anticipate.

    Determine the best sourcing option and manage IT health and risk in physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Regardless of the technology or vendor, automatically receive notification of current health and future risk of your services.

    • Standardize on a single tool and process across your enterprise
    • Connect IT staff across silos for improved collaboration 
    • Compare the cost of cloud services with in-house IT
    • Accurately right-size cloud instances
    • Gain visibility into the physical server, the hypervisor, individual guests, guest interaction, network, storage, and more
    • Allocate the optimal amount of resources to each VM
    • Find and eliminate unused VMs

    Analyze operating systems, hypervisors, databases, networks, storage systems, and more from many different vendors, including these:


    Use data you are already collecting with tools sold by these vendors and more:



    See What These Customers Achieved...

    Financial Industry


    With dozens of data centers around the world, this Fortune 50 bank increased infrastructure coverage by 500% with no increase in staff. — IT Manager

    Insurance Industry

    A Fortune 200 health insurer standardized their performance and capacity management tool across 300 midrange servers, 3,000 Windows servers, and 35,000 workstations. — Capacity Manager

    Insurance Industry


    A Fortune 200 insurance company stacks applications on virtual servers and avoids buying any new hardware for 22 months. — Capacity Manager