Performance Management

    You want fewer calls about poor response time, faster time to resolution, and more time for proactive planning.

    Manage performance of IT services by focusing your attention where it's needed. Using a single number on a scale from 0 to 100, you can quickly see the current health of each IT service. Let sophisticated algorithms automatically analyze mountains of data to identify which IT services are having performance issues and the severity of them.

    • Use a simple IT health score that represents the current health of IT services
    • Use automated algorithms that analyze mountains of data for you
    • Know where to focus your attention
    • Monitor and analyze performance of multi-vendor environments


    See What These Customers Achieved...

    Medical Industry


    A humanitarian organization reduced the number of application slowdowns by 94% in four months. — IT Manager

    Telecom Industry

    The billing system at one of the largest mobile phone providers in the U.S. stopped running. While DBAs, Unix admins, and network admins were blaming each other, the newly-installed TeamQuest software identified the cause in 5 minutes. — IT Manager