Monitor & Analyze Performance

Perform Critical Tasks

The Solution

The fewer calls you get about poor response time, the better. The quicker you identify and resolve the root cause of poor response, the better. And the less time you spend firefighting, the better.

The TeamQuest solution helps you monitor and analyze health and performance of IT applications and services:

  • Ensure availability
  • Predict and resolve problems before they happen
  • Consistently meet service levels
  • Monitor and analyze performance of multi-vendor environments

Enabling truly proactive management, reports like this one from TeamQuest Surveyor and TeamQuest Analyzer use TeamQuest Predictor’s Risk Prediction feature to color-code future service status, so that you can take corrective action before critical services are impacted.

TeamQuest Predictor includes the ability to calculate the TeamQuest Performance Indicator. A measure of service health that is better than utilization-based metrics, TPI takes the response time impact of queuing behavior into account. Reports like this TeamQuest Surveyor report use TPI to summarize service health.

TeamQuest Predictor makes it easier to pinpoint your problem solving efforts by showing you which infrastructure is (or will be) creating a performance bottleneck. Reports like this one can be generated by TeamQuest Analyzer or TeamQuest Surveyor showing components of response time as calculated by TeamQuest Predictor.