Consolidate & Virtualize Servers

Perform Critical Tasks

The Solution

To minimize performance risks, it is important to identify good consolidation candidates and understand how combined applications and workloads will compete for resources. It is not enough to simply measure resource utilization. Latency is the key. Analysis of the actual amount of work being done (transactional throughput) and the time spent getting it done (response time or latency) is what’s needed to optimize service performance.

The TeamQuest solution offers a number of capabilities that are especially valuable for consolidation and virtualization:

  • Avoid outages or slowdowns while minimizing costs
  • Find underutilized servers that represent consolidation candidates
  • Accurately predict the effects of combining applications and determine optimal configurations
  • Verify proposed server consolidation scenarios to ensure latency remains low for the co-hosted workloads
  • Examine components of response for each workload to understand which resources in a consolidated server are most critical to performance
  • Automatically predict in advance where, when, and why applications will be waiting on which resources
  • Automatically calculate and constantly evaluate application or service latency