Cloud Environments

Manage Your Enterprise

The Solution

While users deploying unpredictable applications with unknown resource requirements poses a challenge, cloud technology itself is also a challenge. Multi-tenancy, self-service portals, and virtualization add layers of complexity, and the environments are highly dynamic, so problems can be much more difficult to troubleshoot and anticipate.

The TeamQuest solution offers a number of capabilities that are especially valuable in cloud environments:

Monitor and Analyze

  • Be notified in advance when customers will experience degraded response time, and know how to avoid it
  • Analyze performance and capacity across private, public and non-cloud computing resources with a single toolset
  • Analyze and report the performance of cloud services, combining performance data from multiple servers, applications, and other IT components
  • Analyze a problematic service and zero-in on the IT component causing the problem, regardless of where that component may reside in the cloud
  • Automatically create and distribute periodic performance and health reports to cloud managers, cloud users, and IT service consumers
  • Find and eliminate unused VMs

Predict & Plan

  • Answer what-if questions about cloud migrations
    • Balance cost with performance and risk
    • Know which and how many instance types you’ll need
    • Compare the cost of cloud services with in-house IT
  • Determine the cost of meeting service levels when adding consumers or services
  • Optimally configure to handle spikes, growth, and seasonal growth
  • Substantiate costs and capacity requirements to users or business management
  • Determine the least costly disaster fallback configurations