Apps to Servers to Storage

Manage Your Enterprise

The Solution

IT services are delivered via multiple tiers of technology, making it difficult to find the cause of performance or capacity problems. Finger-pointing between siloed IT management teams is common. Dynamic, heterogeneous environments and multiple, vendor-specific, siloed management tools add to the challenge.

With the TeamQuest solution you can analyze capacity and performance from the business service or application all the way down to underlying systems and storage with a single- pane-of-glass view of your environment. You get a big-picture view of all the IT infrastructure contributing to performance, including everything from financial business transactions down the technology stack to virtual machines, physical servers, and storage.

  • Demonstrate how IT is contributing to business success by reporting performance in business terms
  • Protect against slowdowns and outages by using automated predictive analytics
  • Optimize software and system configurations, minimizing risk and waste
  • Conserve time by minimizing firefighting, freeing up time for new applications
  • Analyze the entire technology stack, everything from service to storage — together
  • Master the performance and capacity of multi-vendor technologies
  • Pinpoint the cause of bottlenecks before the underlying service’s users are affected
  • Know who or what is using how much, and when

You can analyze business data from customer apps, status information from service desk tools, or performance data from monitoring tools. Our solution works with the tools you already have in place, no need to rip and replace anything.