About Us

Really, it's not about us. It's about YOU. Everything we do is about helping you achieve great things.

We help you by building products that simplify difficult tasks, allow you to be proactive and forward-thinking, and help you make your business better.

To accomplish that, we specialize in capacity management software and services that facilitate IT Service Optimization.

Our purpose in going to work every day is to help others achieve.
As you get to know us, you'll see that purpose manifest itself not only in our software and services, but also in our policies and relationships. It's our culture. It's who we are.
Sure, we believe our solutions are better than the next guy's and our features and functions offer advantages you shouldn't live without. But bigger than that is the fact that we make decisions based on our purpose, and that looks and sounds a lot different than most vendors. It's not self-gain or self-interest that inspires us. It's helping you achieve great things that makes this more than a job.

Actions speak louder than words, and living our core values has not only meant high customer loyalty, but it also helps us attract tremendous talent.
CUSTOMERS Our customers are our partners, and we believe in each other. We are people helping people.
TEAMWORK Teamwork is critical. We're so much stronger together than apart. And yes, our customers are part of our team.
SPEED & AGILITY Speed and agility are requisites. That's just how it is in this space.
ETHICS Ethics. Our reputation is built on honesty, integrity and doing the right thing.
EMPLOYEES Employees are our most important resource. We share a passion and what we do makes a difference.
Much like we think of ourselves as a people-to-people company, we extend that culture beyond our customers to the communities around us.
TeamQuest is proud to be an ambassador company for HyperStream, a program developed by the Technology Association of Iowa Educational Foundation. Each year, TeamQuest employees work with local middle school and high school students to encourage them to pursue their interests in technology by mentoring them and completing high-tech projects, like contributing to Google Earth, building computers, working with remote control vehicles, coding web pages and making movies with specialized software.
United Way
TeamQuest and our employees give thousands of dollars to United Way each year to support their mission of helping people, changing lives, and building community. Employees participate in the HEAD TO TOE KICKOFF EVENT and volunteer their time to assist United Way in reviewing the programs and activities they provide.
TeamQuest employees devote countless hours to volunteer efforts. Here's a small sample:
  • Hands on support for victims of natural disasters
  • Board members of various civic organizations
  • Members of band and vocal groups
  • Actors for local theater
  • Coaches for youth sports
  • First responders and volunteer firefighters
  • Organizers and staffers for special events, like motorcycle awareness and Earth Day
  • Aerobics and fitness trainers

TeamQuest Foundation
The TeamQuest Foundation supports the advancement of technology used by non-profits and educational programs in their daily operations. Our goal is to build stronger communities by teaming with these organizations and supporting their missions.